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Who's behavior?

Betsy on Facebook may or may not be the Betsy I know. Either way this rocks.
I yoinked it from mle292

Appropriate expectations
Reposting from Besty on Facebook, because this is so completely made of awesome and win.

It's Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Guaranteed To Work

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A few facts about Bats

They are silent. I know there is a tradition that they squeak. But when you find one circling the living room there is NO noise.

They will give you a heart attack when suddenly discovered silently circling your living room.

They will apparently not rest while silently circling your living room. Maybe because of the excited cats.

They will not magically find the open door using echolocation. It will take the combined efforts of tall person and short cat to convince silently circling bat to go out the open door. Actual cat contact as a final shove may be necessary.

The mild thunderstorm added a lot of atmosphere to this adventure.

I am NEVER going to get to sleep now.

Tomorrow begins the great woodchuck hunt.
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Not sleepy. This could be a problem.

The fabulous emerdavid gave me a guided tour of Uncle Hugo's looking for classic Sci Fi. I have been feeling left out of an era. I was pleased to note I had read all the books of two or three of his suggested authors. Not too shabby I guess.
But now I have many new authors to explore. It didn't even set me back too much as they are all dead as far as I can tell. No new copies of anything he suggested. I did get a Niel Gaimon I had missed somehow and two graphic novels for the boy. I think the three new things cost as much as the other 15.
I may or may not post what I think of them as I read them.
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I am begining to suspect Itunes sucks.

Also, I need a scheduling program. I have been using Palm but the actual device died a thorough death. I don't think I can download the program without a device.

Anyone recommend a scheduling software? I like free and I am used to palm, but I can learn.
I tried Google but I don't like to have it all on line. Maybe I think hackers are smarter than they really are.
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I in the sky

I happened to catch a little bit of Crap From The Past on KFAI last night. I came in on the last three lines of the Capitol I song from Sesamee street. Good thing he talked about it later cause I thought it was a School House Rock song. What a brilliant song. I now think it was influential for me. It has a wierd harmony and a strong tune. Totally have those three lines stuck in my head. Going to check out the pod cast now and see if I can get just that song in its entirety. Not a lot of luck googling it or the writer, Steve Zuckerman, probably spelled wrong.

EDIT: Found it on pod cast HERE
The relevant song starts at 15:36 with somewhat relevant intro at 15:00. After the next song he reports on its origins. Listners had time to find it on the interwebz. I never did find it there.
(podcast expires after two weeks)
Zoe-fights like a girl

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I am baby repellant.

On the other hand, I planted another half of the garden. One more half to go and I am ready to go on guard against the pests.
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