mplsfish (mplsfish) wrote,

I in the sky

I happened to catch a little bit of Crap From The Past on KFAI last night. I came in on the last three lines of the Capitol I song from Sesamee street. Good thing he talked about it later cause I thought it was a School House Rock song. What a brilliant song. I now think it was influential for me. It has a wierd harmony and a strong tune. Totally have those three lines stuck in my head. Going to check out the pod cast now and see if I can get just that song in its entirety. Not a lot of luck googling it or the writer, Steve Zuckerman, probably spelled wrong.

EDIT: Found it on pod cast HERE
The relevant song starts at 15:36 with somewhat relevant intro at 15:00. After the next song he reports on its origins. Listners had time to find it on the interwebz. I never did find it there.
(podcast expires after two weeks)

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