January 30th, 2008

me with duck egg

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I can find three buttons within LJ that take me to my friends page, filtered or not. Two of them have gotten stuck on two days ago. The one that seems to be up to date is not one I have used before. Computers are wierd.
I got a new usb card 2.0 mostly to satisfy auditors. I need my printer to work. I needed it to anyway but not bad enough to fix it. I also replaced my mouse cause mouse balls suck. And keyboard cause this one is black and cost 4 bucks and says it is spill proof. I am willing to gamble 4 bucks on that assertion.
No cleaning today. Today I make my first foray into installing computer parts. yay. Than I might have to drive to St Paul, or I might not finish today, or I might be wrong about the problem and all I will accomplish is getting that slick flash player to work but not the printer.

Hows your day looking?
me with duck egg

I love my friends

After much fooling around the lovely Kalikanzaros was unable to get the snitty computer to talk to the printer. I put off the auditors untill next week, so I have some time.
Ah technology.
I should mention however that the whole system is running much more smoothly. :)