February 21st, 2008

me with duck egg

A day lost to Cyclobenzaprine

I woke up with a spasm in my shoulder again today. They seem to be averaging twice a year now. It might explain the wierd feeling that came over me about three yesterday. Or not. Hard to say. I did go to Yoga. It went fine except I had trouble with perspective. When I looked at the cieling from being upside down I felt like I was on the cieling looking at the floor. And little dizzy all evening.
So I woke up in some pain. I can't take Ibuprophen any more so I took a muscle relaxer I got last time this happened. Then went to watch a movie (Excaliber is a TERRIBLE movie, but oddly compelling) Then I fell asleep. All. Day. Long.
I woke up at two but that didn't last. I got up at five, and have been upright for an hour now. Still stiff in the shoulder blade but nothing like this morning. More like sore from a workout.
I hope I can sleep tonight after all that napping. Maybe another pill. I HAVE to work in the morning.
Other effects of the pill, I am boring even to myself, and it is hard to type.
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