March 20th, 2008

me with duck egg

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Stupid Gene Wolfe. I thought I was buying books two three and four of one series. I read one already. Instead I have books two and four of a different series and three or five of the one I have read one of. Additionaly, I got an unrelated book of his, having realized at last that I will like it and I don't need to get one and come back. I will be to late if I come back anyway or I would have all of the first series in paperback.

So I started the stand alone this morning and was almost late to work. The characters are drawn with the magnifcent simplicity of a line drawing by Picaso. I picked it up again at bed time only to discover, it is scary. Still briliant, but genuine horor. I do not read horor much by choice. Some, but not at bed time. And to be honest, it isn't usually that scary to me. This one is pure suspence. There are several cliches, but there are so many they form new ideas. I am torn between the need to get to sleep so I can work tomorrow, and the need to find out how it ends. Rite now sleep is miles away. My heart is pounding.
I am going to try to read something less griping. Maybe National geographic. or a catalogue. Phone book?