April 3rd, 2008

Zoe-fights like a girl


I have been bringing my customers up to my current hourly rate of $40. Four told so far. One fired me, two were told today and one from last week has not responded. One today is exactly double his previous rate. He has been with me a looooong time. I thought it would be slick to promise never to raise my rates. Instead I relied on attrition and growth to keep my prices at a level to sustain me. This guy started out to low. He was my first official customer, not a friend.
I'd fire me if my rate doubled. Really he has been getting half off for three years. He also has a girlfriend living with him now. Not a good time to introduce changes. Actually, I won't miss the job. It was a loss already.

I have been pleasantly surprised to realize how many ARE paying the full rate. Clever me.

I told the one who fired me I'd lay fresco in her condo for cost as my first job.

My buyer called me back. :)

How is business?
Buisiness is wierd.