April 15th, 2008

Head Shot

Wally is NOT old

My cat Wally is OLD. At least 17 by my reconing. I got him as an adult though, so that first year could have been more.
He is starting to seriously show his age. His spine is prominent. I pet him with care. His hair is always dirty looking but it is hard to tell if that is old age or normal. He was always a little funny looking.
But smart. He turned on the bathtub once. He has me trained to a T on many issues. He uses his feet like hands. Even eats with them sometimes. When I let him out for some sun, he ALWAYS goes all the way to the street for just a minute before coming back to lay in the sun in the yard. Just to let me know it was his decision not to run off.
He spends a lot of time in my lap. Anytime I have one in fact. He gets anoyed if I go upstairs. It is a lot of work for him to get there too. He has aged a lot in the last year.
Well, today I turned my back on him for just a minute and he stole all the meat off my plate.