May 15th, 2008

me with duck egg

Still sick

X-rays of face and chest today. Will know more monday.

After two Doctors, my mom and almost every friend suggested sinus infection, I finally got the x-rays taken. I will believe it when I see them. By which I mean, I'll consent to take antibiotics at that point.

Wally and I watched the French Connection tonight. Good movie. I disagree with every premise, but well made and acted. I felt like I got a glimps of a male culture that is all but extinct now. And I am glad I never had to live in it.

Wally seems to be drinking a lot of watyer. With three cats it is a little hard to tell. He might be insisting on drinking MY water out of luv and cantankerousness. He appears to be comfortable. I learned of a Vet clinic who will send someone to your home for euthinasia. Not there yet, but that is where we are going. He is too frail to pet with enthusiasm. Even his jaw seems too sensitive. So old. I once met a 22 year old cat. Wally is 17. This could go on for a while. But I won't let him suffer. :\