May 27th, 2008

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I had a fabulous weekend in Madison. Thanks to all who I spoke to at all. Every single one of you was awsome. :)
Especial thanks to Fullygoldy and Barley52 for making me so welcome. I love you both and expect I'll see you again soon.

I met a british anarchist I'll be emailing later. He is not home yet probably. :)
I went to almost no programing, as is my habbit. I go for the company. However there was one reading offering the bribe of Scotch, which turned out to be GOOD scotch even. That gave me the opportunity to meet Gregory Frost, who's taste chose the heavenly scotch. He too was awsome and I look for ward to the book.
There was also a small but formal scotch tasting hosted by John (name incomplete) of Madison, and a gracious woman he called Dragon who's Badge said something else. That was great fun. I love finding words for flavors. I have naturally forgotten the names of the scotches except MacDuff, and Duff, but I can't remember what I thought of them in particular. I remember there was one dud, two tollerably good, one remarkable, and one similar but slightly less remarkable.

I discovered I have an LJ "stalker" but he was also charming and I forgive him. I expect to be friended soon or I will recind the forgiveness.

I slept like the dead and almost as long. I have two days in which to do all weeks worth of work so I am gonna get started.

You got a lovely convention, Madison. It made the best birthday party EVAR.

BTW Today I turn 36. At about 10 pm I understand. So far so good. :)
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