June 1st, 2008

food, Sweedish Chef

Happy Day

I finally got some gardening done. All the tomatos I am likely to plant, paper mulch on almost everything. A new bed dug for the rutabagas. Beans.
Still having mowing issues. I may need to borrow a good one this week. Or talk to the neighbor girls about paying them to do it.

I also managed to really burn my back. I don't burn often, so when I do it is a good one. I expect peeling. Parts look a little purple. Naturally I wore an unusual halter in an effort to avoid tan lines. I guess I have different lines now. Allo has been applied. Water has been drunk. Vitamins taken.

I saw a garter snake in the yard. :) No sign of the woodchuck since I poured cat litter down the holes.
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