June 23rd, 2008

me with duck egg

Fourth Street Convention

I had a wonderfull and fabulous weekend with many adventures.
I lost two pounds.
My chest hurts again. I am going in tuesday and yes, I'll take the damn pills.
My sincere thanks to every single person I spoke to with one notable exception but I have no reason to suppose he'll read this. So if you think it should, this means you.

In other news, Wally the 17 year old cat appeard not to have eaten or maybe drunk in my absence. I will be comming home from Convergence at least every afternoon to see that this doesn't happen again. If he needs to eat from my plate for the rest of his life, ok.

I don't appear to have a photo to post.

Exposure to word hounds has altered my speach patterns. I am sure it will be temporary.