July 10th, 2008

me with duck egg

random thoughts

Can't sleep. So I did some googling.

Looks like there is a connection between my sinus infection, not having the right glasses and taking imatrex for migraines.

The bone between the sphenoidal sinus and the eye is thinner than an egg shell.

That sinus drains out the middle of the front.

Now I know what the inside of my face looks like. :)

I figured this out after taking an imatrex for the migrain that has been threatening all day. Also thought it might knock me out.

Concidering watch repair as a new career path. I am intensly mechanical. There is a huge shortage. I actually looked into it in the '80's when the field looked to be totally dead as a result of quartz watches. It would mean two or three years of school.

I still need a piano player.

Going to try bed again.
The air smells beautiful tonight.
me with duck egg


Today was one of wildlife encounters. This morning Mrs. Norris brought in a chickadee. It was upset but not punctured. I kept setting it in the tree out front and it would immediately flutter to the ground. I'd pick it up again and repeat untill I figured out it required a smaller branch to grip. All went well after that.

Then this afternoon I went to sit on the porch and there was a squirrel eating my leftovers. We negociated for a moment on how far I needed to be from the door before it would use it. Eventually I just sat in my chair and ignored it untill it left. That works with other species less well. ;)

I wonder how I can train Mrs. Norris to only attack Blue Jays?