October 10th, 2008

me with duck egg

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I seem to have a tallent for a really high class cooking diasater.

I bought a pumpkin today for the express purpose of making pie. I picked the coolest looking one. A kind of reddish orange and with a unique shape. I got a big one and a little one thinking I would save the big one for thanks giving dinner. I baked the little one, carefully saving the seeds thinking I would plant this georgous pumpkin in my yard and have tons of them next year.
I got the crust all ready and pre baked it. Then I got the cooled pumpking and started to scrape the flesh out. It came in strings. This pumpkin is in fact a spaghetti squash in disguise. Now I have a kind of vegetboli kugel. I added some flour to thickin it some.
Maybe I'll let you know how it turns out. If it isn't too embarassing.