mplsfish (mplsfish) wrote,

Hey! You! Insomniac! I'm Whiney!

What do you do when you can't sleep? Do you have rules? I just read to a time slightly past my bed time but not terrible. Then lay in bed for 45 minutes with my mind buzzing and body aching. A lot of that is I am sick (again or still is unclear) and did nothing physical today. I also went to bed to read too early.
It is too late to take anything effective to sleep. I am trying tea. Chamomile and hops. Hops is BITTER but effective and short lived.

My eyeballs hurt and all the muscles in and on my head.

Also, I just got an offer that could fulfill a lifelong dream, and I am not sure it is what I want right now. Headache making.

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