mplsfish (mplsfish) wrote,

LJ is too cheap to let me make a poll

I have had a terrible history with my birthdays. I have had way more terrible birthdays than good ones, though there have been some good ones.
I am a terrible entertainer to start with. Plus the weekend closest to my b-day is always memorial day. No one around. The year I was 13 my dad was in jail.
Mostly I don't tell anyone, don't have a party or commemorate in any way. Then I feel a little bad that no one psychically divined my feelings and did something anyway.
Nik is pretty good about noticing it. I am not so good about noticing others. That is my other element of self punishment. I don't make any effort to remember others days, why should I try to get a lot of attention on mine. For instance, I just realized my Mom's was this month.
This year I'll be at a con for memorial day. Should I tell everyone it is my birthday?
Is my current method the healthy one?
Should I throw a party and give presies to everyone who shows up?
Should I go to Chuck E Cheese and get a cake and crown?

Be honest.

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